By Eileen Richardson

My first comment to those of you who have never been here before. You will be very amazed at the caliber of restaurants here in a small city of about 60,000, in the middle of a very poor and isolated state. I know I was when I first moved here from Southern California.

As other art forms thrive and excel here, so does the art of cooking I have found. The other thing is that the mix of Spanish, Mexican, Pueblo, and American cuisines converge here. So what normally would be American cuisine is blended with touches of Pueblo styles or Mexican or Spanish styles and visa versa.

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Eileen Richardson

Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico have unique resorts  and spas. You should try all of them for they are all equally exceptional but so different from each other.

Ten Thousand Waves

This spa resort is unique because it is designed as a Japanese Hot Spring resort, adobe style. It is in the mountains just 10 minutes from Santa Fe. It is primarily a day spa, but there are accommodations. The Houses of the Moon, just steps away from the spa are in the tradition of the Japanese ryokan, These accommodations range in size from two person Zen style rooms, (which are small and simple but efficient) to the larger suites that can accommodate up to 5 people.

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By Eileen Richardson

Taos is located about an hour and a half north of Santa Fe at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It is a very culturally and historically rich area like Santa Fe, but much more rustic and conscious of keeping their small town feel.

Taos started as a Pueblo 900 years ago when the Taos and Picturis Pueblos established the area as their home. It was thought that the mountain was sacred and was very generous to the pueblo. In reality it was a very fruitful area for farming and the pueblos survived well there for centuries.

In 1540 Conquistador Hernando de Alvarado followed the Rio Grande north to Taos Valley. When he saw the sun shining on the straw in the adobes at Taos Pueblo, he believed he has found the famed Cities of Gold. This began the influx of the Spanish where today there are ancestors of these settlers.

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By Eileen Richardson

There are great ski resorts in New Mexico that don’t get a lot of attention. Each of them offers something different in the mountain itself, their services and locations. They are all worth a day or two of snow adventure.

Ski Santa Fe

Experience the excitement of world-class skiing in breathtaking beauty of Ski Santa Fe. Located minutes from the historic city, Ski Santa Fe welcomes skiers, snowboarders, families, and locals to 12,175-foot mountain. There are 44 trails (20% easiest, 40% more difficult, 40% most difficult) The services provided are a PSIA Certified Ski School, a children’s center that does all day and half day classes including play time and lunch. There is recreational racing available here too. Snowboarding is also very big and is included in the school. 

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By Eileen Richardson

What more romantic place than Santa Fe the “Dancing Ground of the Sun” to have a wedding. This place that has been such spiritual and creative inspiration for so many, and is a perfect place for the spiritual and creative inspiration that is marriage.

There are a number of locations to have the ceremony done that are nontraditional, but the minister/priest/celebrationist must be willing to go there.

Wedding Ministers and Officiants
Reverend Naomi Fiske of Unique Unions promises a Love and Joy filled occasion. You are invited to involve yourselves more intensely and choose a blend of rituals from both traditional and non-traditional spiritual and religious paths. The details, such as music, location, readings and wedding vows can be enhanced and altered to reflect the bride and groom perfectly.

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By Eileen Richardson

There is a lot you can discover about the history and traditions of Santa Fe in her restaurants. For such a small town of under 70,000 world class eateries abound. But I wanted to write about the unique restaurants to Santa Fe that may be something visitors may want to try to get a taste of the mixtures of cultures here. Here is a short list that by no means represents everyone, but it is a start:

Native American / Northern New Mexican Food

Amaya - Hotel Santa Fe - This restaurant uses classic technique, contemporary flair, and fresh seasonal ingredients from traditional American Indian fare. Amaya highlights local Pueblo and Northern New Mexican influences, as well as regional foods from around the U.S. The casual, inviting atmosphere keeps the focus on fine food and conversation, and the restaurant opens onto a patio for seasonal outdoor dining.

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By Eileen Richardson

New Mexico offers continual unique opportunities to see and do things even in the Winter. The events listed are spread out throughout the state but just hours from Santa Fe. The following events are usually scheduled in January February and March, but research first to find the exact dates because the dates may change from year to year.

Torchlight parade and fireworks - Every Saturday during the winter season - Red River Ski and Summer Resort 

The grill at the Lift House deck is where the skiing torchlight parade can be seen and enjoyed. This unique is a must see if you are in New Mexico in the Winter. Don’t forget the fireworks are great too!

Big Ol’ Texas Weekend - January 27-29 – Taos

This is a fun-filled weekend of activities including live music from some great headlining acts. You can also sample food and whiskey and enter or observe the world famous “Big Texan Steak Challenge.”

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By Eileen Richardson

Santa Fe has become a Mecca for the healing arts. My definition of the healing arts would be any type of practice not using drugs usually using the “laying on of hands” and creating a mental, spiritual and/or physical healing.

There is a common theory why there is such a plethora of healing arts, schools, business, and client base here in Santa Fe. It is commonly thought because this is a spiritual place that it has been a draw for many kinds of peoples from the original pueblo Indians to present day transplanted citizens.

The “energy” of a place truly produces a kind of mentality and lifestyle.

It is said that Santa Fe has a feminine energy and calls people to do more of the feminine type business that involves creation and nurturing-thus the healing art component of the City Different - Santa Fe.

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By Eileen Richardson

Santa Fe has been known as an exclusive and perhaps expensive town to visit and stay in. That does not have to be the case and that is what you will learn in this article.


The first concern you have is lodging. On a Santa Fe vacation there are different parts of town to stay in. The closer to the Plaza, the more expensive the rates are. As you go further out in circumference from the Plaza it gets cheaper. The accommodations described here within 4 blocks are walking distance from a lot of the sites downtown and wouldn’t require a rental car unless out of town trips are planned.

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By Eileen Richardson

Now the title may be deceiving so I am going to let you know what I mean. Dogs don't run the city or anything. Santa Fe has not gone to the dogs, but I must say I see a lot of dogs and opportunities to bring your dogs places in Santa Fe. Before I share with you where you can go and what you can do with your dog. Use these Rules of Etiquette always:

At Hotels or Other Types of Lodging Unless it is obvious, ask the hotel clerk if dogs are allowed in the hotel lobby. Never leave your dog alone in the hotel room. The number one reason hotel management does not allow dogs is because some people leave them in the room alone.

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