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Glass Art in Santa Fe

Glass artists in Santa Fe are numerous even if they are not as well known as some of the other arts. Most of the studios are hidden away.

Since 1968 Santa Fe has been a Mecca for the glass work arts. Canyon Road itself had 6 “hot shops” where apprentices learned and perfected the trade.

We are not just talking about glass blowing either. There is a form known as “pate de vere” that is a fusion of works. The types of work done by artists in Santa Fe are assembled, hot-worked, mixed media, neon, sandblasted, slumped, stained, blown and assembled, fused and slumped, cast and slumped, blown and sculpture.

Flo Perkins is a Santa Fe Glass Artist who creates glass and metal floral displays. She is known all over the world for her work.

Patrick Morrissey is a Santa Fe artist who turns glass and steel into unique colorful images. He says it is truly bodywork doing the glass images. Your body is entirely involved because of the force of gravity is a big part of the process.

Elodie Holmes combines glassblowing, lamp work, cutting polishing and etching to create jewelry paperweights and aroma lamps.

Emily Brock of Corrales New Mexico does fused and slumped artwork that is in a Cultural Center as far away as Taiwan.

In Pinos Altos Susan Wondzell works with stained glass. She loves this art because of the vibrancy of the colors and all the possibilities you can create.

In the Pojoaque Valley lives Lucy Lyon who works in three dimensional cast glass.

Places in the Santa Fe area to watch the art being done are in Tesuque’s Glassworks. You will see apprentices blowing glass here daily.

In an area just outside Santa Fe is La Cienaga and the artists Peter Vanderlaan and Mary Beth Bliss two internationally known glass artists, live here and do their work here.

They also have a gallery on Canyon Rd. with their pieces at 202 Canyon Rd.

Other galleries to see local glass work is at Jezebel 236 Delgado St, LewAllen Contemporary 129 East Palace Ave, La Mesa of Santa Fe 225 Canyon Rd, Running Ridge Gallery 640 Canyon Rd, Handsel Gallery 161 ½ Canyon Rd, and Liquid Light Glass 926 Baca St.

There really are no limitations with glass. It can be clear or opaque. It can be fragile or sturdy. Glass tells a story on the outside and in the inside.

It is a medium for many artists around the world and here in Santa Fe.

Eileen Richardson

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